H20 Walk for Water, Walk for Life

The first ‘open platform’ fundraising idea

5,000 people a day die as a consequence of dirty water. That fact is shocking. So we decided to try and encourage more people to join the annual Walk for Water campaign.

We first noticed that there was no big fundraising idea. So we created a simple idea that anyone can use, and for any charity. Then instead of trying to sell it to any one of the many water charities, we gave it away free as an ‘open platform’ idea to everyone.

Since then it has been used all over the world. And we’ve not taken a single penny, dime, or cent.

The idea – walking from H to O

Simple, you walk from a place beginning with H to a place beginning with O.

Home to the Office. Holborn to Oxford Street. Harris & Hoole coffee shop to the Orangery pub. Any distance. Any start or finish. It’s simple. Then get sponsored.

Another first

We were the first people ever to be able to alter the classic London Transport map officially. We produced thousands of leaflets with only the H and O destination stations.


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