After 28 years Levi’s parted company with BBH and every creative agency in town was in the race to get on the hottest pitch list in town.

There are few brands as iconic and as desirable to work on. So instead of sending in the usual creds we wanted to do something different and imaginative. After all, different is what brands need these days.

The brief was “impress Andrea” (Levi’s UK Marketing Director).

So we decided to take something boring and make it interesting. If you can do that on something as dull as a coathanger, imagine what you can do with jeans?

Our team of creatives all set about creating the most imaginative coathangers ever. Each came with a beautifully designed tag with a story of how it linked to Levi’s. Each story contained one true fact, the rest fiction. Did you know Elvis’s mother worked in the Levi’s factory and he was known as “Little Levi” because his mother made his clothes from offcuts. And that he actually got his name from a misspelling of Levi’s on his first school book? Yep, we made all that up.

The best 18 ideas were then presented in an amazing wardrobe, covered in over 1000 images from the history of Levi’s ads. And then hand delivered them to their offices in central London.

The result? They were impressed. Very impressed. The wardrobe was a talking point and it seems we did the most creative mailer of all the agencies.

Pays to hang your hat on original thinking.

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