“What was Steve Jobs’s team thinking?”

As you may have guessed, we are big fans of Steve Jobs. “Great minds think alike,” well we hope!

But when we opened the iBooks app our first thought was “OMG, why have they got a 70’s bookcase?” So we looked for the preference section that would allow us to change it. There wasn’t one. Seriously, you can’t.

So we decided to change it ourselves. And who better to use for a range of better designed bookcases than our own client, Ikea.

The idea is simple.

You can pick any Ikea bookcase. Goodbye the 70’s!

You can add extras like a lamp, picture frames, plants, etc. And they all link to features on your iPhone – the lamp to the light, the picture frame to your photo gallery, the funky clock… you get the idea.

Also you can allow Ikea to communicate new items to you by popping them onto your shelves.

There’s something sweet about knowing you can make over 300,000,000

Visit the ibooks website

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